Hitting the brakes

I got through the wasted weekend and came out the other side of it Monday morning realizing that I had to hit the brakes and do a bit of reevaluation on some things I was wasting my time on. 

How nice it is to finally be in a place mentally to be able to take a look around and put away what is not working and focus on what is. 

I literally put away some things after heading over to Walmart Monday at lunch to get some totes (50% off post-Christmas! Woo!) so I could clean out a couple of closets and store so things while heaving some stuff into the trash. Out of sight, out of mind but not gone to the help center just in case some of these items are needed again in the near-future. That's part of my ongoing rule to not be hasty about getting rid of things.

I also put away my iPad and got back to reading but sadly ended up with another 3 star book. The local library reopened from their remodel Monday so maybe I will get over there and find something good to read. Plus, I have a book I have been wanting to read for a while on the way via snail mail.

I don't know if I've been in the mire for months and just lately have the vision to see where I am along with the motivation to get out or if I just hit a bit of a post-holiday rut the last two weeks but it's been nice to clear my mind and sort of reboot over the last three days. I am hoping to stay focused next weekend and not come out of next Sunday thinking it was a waste.

Still here

Yesterday's crazy weather came and went and what was left behind is a pretty nice day.

It looks inviting but it's still a tad too damp and a little too chilly to sit out on the deck. 

Oh, what a wasted weekend. I've been tired and unmotivated all weekend. Maybe it's because I finished an absolute drudgery of a book that I've been procrastinating getting into another one. I should and could be reading right now. I have a hot cup of coffee right beside me along with my Kindle but I pulled out the Asus Transformer and decided to divert myself with the blog instead. 

I'm also tired. After a solid two weeks of getting good sleep, I've had two nights in a row where I've gotten barely any. I think I have been keeping my brain too busy as I've approached bedtime. Youtube videos. Football last night. My mind runs and runs. I woke up this morning completely convinced that it was Monday and I instantly felt the Monday dread but then when I realized that "NO! It's Sunday, Fool!" I couldn't get back to sleep. 

I did get a new toy Friday night. My local Walmart was clearing out the latest Legends Flashback for $20. It's a plug and play video game system similar to the Atari Flashback 9 I bought last year. My Atari Flashback 9 is great because it has an SD card slot and plays all Atari 2600 ROMS. The Legends Flashback is great because it also has an SD card slot and it plays all NES and Genesis ROMS and most SNES ones also (most but not all). Plus, I can just swap the same HDMI cable, power cable, and SD card back and forth between the units. Easy peasy.

I guess that's it. Another weekend WASTED. 48 hours gone forever (almost - there are still 8 hours of the weekend to go as I write this but I don't have high hopes of accomplishing a thing in those remaining 8 hours either).

Stormy weather

Storms ahead!

First, there are always storms on the internet and you get to choose whether or not you want to participate in them. I choose not to although I come close from time to time. For example, the tweet I saw which was a video of people in London whining about the Prince Harry situation. I wanted to contribute the fact that the man already lost his mother and what more does he need to sacrifice but what good would tweeting that do and then, where would it stop? Should I put my two cents' worth in about what is going on in Iran and Iraq also and, yet again, what good would it do?

Tweets don't change minds.

Tweets are not actions.

Voting is an action.

There is no action I can take about the Prince Harry deal aside from sending him a card that says "Good for you" but Hallmark Cards have gotten so expensive and I wouldn't know where to send it anyway.

I know. Blogging is just about as pointless as Tweeting. Well, just about. At least blog entries seem a bit more permanent. Tweets are lost in the feed just about as soon as you click send. Plus, there are always the Fake Amy's out there waiting to troll you.

Second, real storms are coming here tomorrow and Saturday. We're talking storms that we don't normally see until spring. Of course, it is supposed to be 71 degrees Saturday so maybe it is already spring here. The good news is that they have moved the worst of this a bit farther away from us for now. It's still a day to pay attention to the weather but hopefully we won't have to take cover.

Big accomplishments

OK, not really, but I have accomplished a few things in the last 24 hours, the biggest being finally removing the post-Christmas pile that was still inhabiting part of the living room floor that consisted of boxes for gifts that we wanted to make sure were functioning properly and a few odds and ends destined for the thrift store since they were replaced with newer items.

Ah, empty space!

I also finally put up some Christmas lights that were hiding in the bathroom closet. I can't remember how they got there but they are now in their proper tote in the attic waiting for next November to roll around.

Also on the accomplishment list, I closed Twitter and other apps last night after feeling confident that World War III wasn't going to start (at least last night) and I watched the first episode of  Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist on NBC. I think it has potential. It seems to me to be a risky move for NBC. It's not like anything else on TV since Crazy Ex-Girlfriend went off the air. Of course, I couldn't help thinking back to Cop Rock as I watched last night. Quite a few similarities at times.

Finally, let's end today's post with this spectacular tweet I found of a video of Keanu Reeves spotted eating ice cream.

The scanner emerges from storage

Nothing big to report here today aside from a bit on the radio front. I still haven't gotten the shortwave back out since Christmas Day although it is beside the recliner in case I have some time to listen tonight. But I did get my Uniden BC125AT back out of storage.

It's been in a tote since the summer because there is not much to listen to on there anymore aside from airplanes (which I get a ton of thanks to the Diamond RH77CA antenna) and county fire/rescue. The city services and just about everything else around here has gone digital.

Some warehouses and other businesses in the area can be picked up on here also but you really have to get out with the radio and make the effort to hear those since they are typically low power and this antenna isn't a miracle worker.

Luckily, this scanner fell under my no-eBay rule which means I no longer get rid of radios and gadgets that I think I don't need. I just store them until the bug bites again and for some reason, today it did.

Years ago, most drive-thru's were analog and I even drove to the Hardee's one day about eight years ago to make a video showing off the capabilities of a Radio Shack scanner I had at the time. This was back before podcasting when I was a tad bit more creative video-wise.

First yard work of 2020

I usually don't have any yard work until early March but this fall/winter has been unusually wet and warm so today I had to head to the Home Depot to buy three bags of ground cover to spread across some ground that is eroding away due to all the rain and causing the dogs to come inside with muddy feet.

This is also the first time this year I've had to use my antique wheelbarrow. At our last house, we had a neighbor offer it to me after she got a new one. I have no idea how old this is but I keep spray painting it every few years and it keeps going so I will keep using it until it gives up.

You can tell this tire is quite old. How? It has "Made in U.S.A." on it.

At least I'm not weed eating or, even worse, mowing yet but if this weather doesn't change soon, the mower will be out early this year.

I also had to pull some weeds at the end of the driveway where I discovered a few flowers that normally pop up in spring have already bloomed out.

I got trolled on Twitter today

I have 28 followers and some anonymous troll with over 2,000 followers* (* hardly any of them interact with her at all) decided to poke their virtual nose into one of my Twitter conversations.

My brief interaction with whoever it was gave me a chuckle at lunch and another chuckle while I was picking up the car after an oil change but I still wonder how pitiful it must be to be the kind of person that would search Twitter for people to harass.

Is that all this person has going for them? Do they have no other enjoyment in life? Is this the only communication they have with other human beings? Or, even worse, do they do this while living an otherwise normal, enjoyable life?

This is exactly what I don't like about Twitter but there has obviously been a change in my attitude over time. Just a few months ago, I probably would have just blocked the troll and locked down my account but now I see things like this as minor irritations that don't diminish the value I get from interacting with people I actually know and I can now find the humor in engaging with random idiots hiding behind fake user names.

I'm staying in the game. I shall do my duty to continue to entertain my 28 followers and I shall do this even if the "convo" is public.