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Day 4

Home of the Coke Machine.
The closer I got to the house, the nastier the weather got.

Keep on keepin' on

Homeward bound - 8 hours at the hospital ends when I drive out of the parking garage at 2:45PM.

Unfortunately, I get behind this guy who does not understand merging. He leaves about 80 car lengths in front of him so everyone cuts in front. We get backed up as he drives about 15 MPH. Remember that 12 year old Boy Scout who survived 3 days alone in the forest in March? This guy wouldn't last 15 minutes.
I get home to find that my Canadian flag has arrived in plenty of time for our Canada Day cookout this Sunday!

Day 3

Click on the picture to see it large. I walk by this at least 15 times a day.

The drought is over - now stop already!

It's been pouring, raining, thundering, lightning, hailing for almost 3 hours now! I didn't need a whole spring's worth of weather in one night.
Ahh - from a burned up yard to a washed out yard.

Today was blah.

Ugh. Here I go again. There are many other places I'd rather be at 6:30 AM!
So many choices....
That old familiar hallway - my second home!
All was not lost. We ate at Outback tonight and saw the waiter spill an entire pitcher of ice water. Funny stuff!

Back again

My mother's visit to the doctor...

...turned into admission back into the hospital.
Here comes more driving downtown and meals in the hospital cafeteria.

Prehistoric Pitchman

Sara graduates from preschool and I get just a tad more prehistoric.

I spend some quality time

...with a rabbit, Walmart,

....and at work

Return of the Pooka

A weekend in pictures

We started with Chik-Fil-A.

No fulin! Ate at an Asian restaurant.

Saw a perfect example of a mid life crisis.

The guy in the station wagon was the idiot driver of the weekend.

It only took 17 years

In 1990, I shamed the family name by being part of a marching band whose mission it was to dedicate a highway by marching down a bridge tooting out a song. 17 years later, the second phase of the bypass has opened today. I didn't pull out a trombone and play, but I did drive down it and capture images for posterity. (I had to go that way - this was not a special nostalgia trip!)

Over and Out - Heading away from the hospital after 5 days of fun

Don't let the door hit you on the way out

My mother came home from the hospital today minus some internal parts and hopefully minus the cancer that has been in charge around here for the last few months. Cancer is like a big angry maid - the kind you see in old movies on Turner Classic Movies. She takes over the house and everything you try to do.

Here is a plant sent by my co-workers at my much neglected real job.

I went to lunch at Steak and Shake. That cake portrait would look wonderful in my living room.

My first candid shot of an unaware person. This is probably illegal in some fashion, but I love her expression which I shall now translate : "How can such a fat man continue to eat fries like that?"

The Rabbit Family

Along with all of the other excitement so far this month, we now have a nest of rabbits under the deck that I must protect from the Schnauzer (aka The White Devil).

The nest...

Baby Bunny (one of 5 - collect the set!)

The White Devil

Mom Rabbit

Love this guy

Rush hour traffic - driving 40 in a 55 in the left lane. This is why cars don't come with standard hood mounted guns.

The hospital

So, how did you spend your summer vacation? On the oncology floor, of course.

Have Treo - will travel...

After months of wanting one, I finally got a Treo. My real motivation - besides schedules and work stuff - is to have a camera with me all of the time for candid pics. I think it's much easier to write about what's going on when there are pics to accompany and really tell the story. I'm not pretending my life is exciting, but here it goes...

The first day of the Treo - exiting I-40.

Our ex-dog, Angel - who now resides with my parents: