Have Treo - will travel...

After months of wanting one, I finally got a Treo. My real motivation - besides schedules and work stuff - is to have a camera with me all of the time for candid pics. I think it's much easier to write about what's going on when there are pics to accompany and really tell the story. I'm not pretending my life is exciting, but here it goes...

The first day of the Treo - exiting I-40.

Our ex-dog, Angel - who now resides with my parents:


  1. Pretty interesting. Also, this was 11 years ago, how is this dog? Is it still alive?

    1. It is crazy to think that this was 11+ years ago now and I was fairly late to the blogging thing. Angel lived until 2010. She had quite the personality. Our next dog, Alex, is still going strong at 13! https://www.upinthisblog.com/2010/07/angel-dog-1996-2010.html

    2. Sorry to hear that, but I'm glad Alex is still going strong! Your blog seems interesting!


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