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Retro Entry

Monday, July 23, 1990 (from my old wirebound journal)

10:09 PM. If life could get more confusing..... I feel like I'm on Candid Camera and that Allen Funt guy is always just around the corner.

Monday, July 23, 2007

9:28PM. Life's a lot less confusing now, but every so often I still look for the hidden camera.

What do I do in my spare time? Pizza tossing, of course!

From the fourth

I forgot about this picture from the Fourth of July. Kind of makes you want to try, huh?

I think we both look a lot better now

Canada Day!

The Maple Leaf unfurled in glory!


I seem to never remember I have a Treo, so I miss a lot of pics. Here are 3 of the 4 I snapped in Knoxville. I'll do better next time. As you can tell, I deem going to the bathroom and getting ice cream as having a lot of importance.

Speaking of...

....the "C" word, Funky Winkerbean is a comic strip that addresses a lot of serious issues. I've been reading it now for almost 20 years. A long time story is Lisa's cancer. It was oddly timed to come back from remission as we've encountered the same and the story will be coming to a sad close in October. For a very realistic taste of what this is like, check out the link and read some of the back strips in the series:

Catching Up

I have been out of town for work, so I am playing catch up. On Saturday, my mother was released from the hospital again. This was a 5 day stay. Instead of the cancer (though we were back on the cancer floor), this time she had a bacterial infection around the incision. These are nasty little boogers that put up a great big fight. After a very tiring stay, we finally made it out and hope to not return any time soon.

Here are a few pics from Saturday:

Baptist Hospital might possibly have the world's best bacon.
Ahhhh - here was home sweet home for 5 days.
Deja vu - walking away one more time.