Goal: 1 a day in September

I'm going to work hard to bring the blog back to life in September. August was very busy. I've been adjusting to a new position at work, a new major project I am working on and dealing with some other issues that turned August into another month I'm glad to be done with. Maybe September will be better?
August ended on a sour note as we have noticed a slight backslide in my mother's condition. Her doctor was pretty certain that all of the cancer has been removed, but her recovery has not progressed as any of us would have hoped. Major surgery at her age has taken quite a toll and it appears that I am going to have to ramp up my involvement at home to get through the rough patch that we have reached. Hopefully, the cancer has not spread or something else medical has gone wrong. As stubborn as she is about returning to the doctor or even admitting she has a problem, we won't know for sure until it might be too late. For now, I am just trying to maintain a positive outlook.
I'll be heading back to Atlanta soon for more meetings. Once this happens, my project will totally consume me since I will only have two weeks to finish it. We're stalled waiting for the final program from the developers. I have to write training documentation and produce a training DVD for a national rollout and we still don't have the final product! Will I be ready by October 1st when I don't get the program until Sept. 14th? No problem!!
As bad as it can get - it could be worse. I could be the football coach at Michigan!