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Catching up

I'm back and trying to get back to daily updates. In the last week, we've all been under the weather in one form or another. My weird stomach bug seemed to go away with last nights much needed sleep.

I'm squandering away the last few minutes of my lunch break. My inbox at work runneth completely over - multiple projects are fighting for my attention and a major trip I am planning is coming up. I love Kansas City in February.

We missed out on the snow this morning. We escaped the 50 and 60 mph winds the other night unscathed. This has been quite a stormy winter so far. The yard is still a soggy mess with more rain/snow to come.

Now, back to your regularly scheduled blog.


This reminds me of playing Pac-Man in Kroger in 1981 (the only place in town that had Pac-Man at the time) and getting repeatedly chased down and pounded by ghosts.

An idea for summer

A friend of mine at work sent this to me along with the comment "Yes - that is a power strip floating on two flipflops". I hope this is a Photoshopped pic and not some of my Tennessee neighbors.


A long week of travelling is nearly over - 3 La Quintas - 7 days of too much food and too little sleep.
Wednesday we passed by Lakeland -
and resisted the urge to go to Disney World.
....and arrived at La Quinta #3 which is stuck in 1986. If I could fit this fine lamp in my luggage, I'd take it with me as a rememberance of the good 'ol days of parachute pants and "Growing Pains".


I took some silly pictures today, but I'm too tired to load them up. Today has been exhausting and I am going to bed in about 5 minutes!

Here comes the rain!

Envision yourself...

...wiping your nose with a piece of sandpaper.
I'm envisioning a class action lawsuit involving irritated nostrils.
Final day in Tampa. Off to Orlando and La Quinta #3 tomorrow. I'm hoping for full size ironing boards and keys that keep working.

The trip so far part 2

I knew it was the Mens room because that guy looks just like me.
Yes, that is our rental car. I'll just have to suck it up and suffer in it until Friday.
My company's warehouse in Tampa. I'm buying a cot and moving in.
Further proof that you can buy ANYTHING out of a vending machine. Just don't tell Greenpeace!
My second La Quinta of the week and La Quinta must be Spanish for "Ironing Boards made for a dwarf"
Still in Tampa tomorrow. Much colder here tonight - 40 degrees. That's warm for home, but cold for down here!!

The trip so far part 1

Here is Miami Saturday night.
The view at Bayside. A cloudy night but very warm.
Check out the cruise ship.
I can barely afford to even look at these boats. How did Crockett do it?
This morning we were on the road to Tampa.

Long day today

No pictures to upload today - we did all of the work at Miami today. Luckily, it appears to have worked (We rewired a..well, it's hard to explain what I do. Basically, I work in computers and we rewired a large product picking system today. There are days I am even confused about what I do.)
Tomorrow morning we drive 4 hours to Tampa. It is much cooler there - unseasonably cool for Florida. Back home they are expecting snow this week. Ouch.

More tomorrow evening.

Another day in Miami!

The work we were going to do here did not happen. Now, we get to be behind schedule. We sat all day waiting. Tomorrow, we will fit all of the work into ONE day. The good thing - we got to go to Seaside tonight....

Pure excellent tourism at it's finest.
It was 7 degrees at home last week and 83 here today.

I reconnected with my best friend from kindergarten to college who lives in Miami now and I realized the power of being around someone who knew you that long. I hope I will not be stupid enough to let that slip again.

This was a very good day.

Looking for Calderone....

We had a pretty uneventful flight to Miami and actually left on time and arrived a bit early. When I left Lebanon it was 43 degrees. Here in Miami it was 78. It is cloudy and will rain some tomorrow, but there is no talk of snow!

What a roomy plane - especially since it was about 1/3rd empty!
Looking out over Florida - it's down there somewhere.

A little sun as we break through the clouds. The only way to see the sun is way up there since it is dreary on the ground. La Quinta - Spanish for "Place to Collapse".

Tomorrow we'll do some actual work. We are running new cables at a warehouse and the warehouse is behind on production - soooooo, we'll be waiting on them to finish before we can start. It will be a late night or a long Sunday of work depending on how behind they are.

After Miami, we drive to Tampa and I'll be back in the office doing my "normal" job for the rest of the week.

Last Weekend

I am finally beginning to catch up on work and email and basic house chores after our trip to Knoxville last weekend. Here are some pictures:

We started out at the wedding.
Congrats Andrew and Janet!

We ended the weekend at the zoo.

These are the biggest rats I've ever seen.

I tried to smuggle this one out but it wouldn't fit under my coat.

"Hey - stop staring!"

My butt doesn't seem as big compared to these guys.


Worn out and still clutching the prairie dog!

Leaving town...

...Saturday for a wedding. Back on Sunday. I can't remember the last time I travelled without a laptop, but I'm leaving it behind for this trip. You have to have a break from technology sometime!

To think - one week from today I'll be in Miami. It's strictly for business, so there will be plenty of laptop time involved.

Next week I'll write about Election '08 and evil cell phone companies.

I wonder how Proctor and Gamble feels about this..

Thanks to sitetracker, I picked up another visitor to this blog who linked in through Google by searching for information on Charmin.

Here's another gripe - I'm in the second 12 pack of Ultra Soft where the rolls have too much glue on them. You end up shredding the start of the roll. Also, they have rolls where the 2 plys are out of alignment so everytime you pull off some, you can't get a solid 2 plys piece. It's like it has starting and ending wings!

Yes, toilet paper is a finicky subject with me and I don't mind sharing my opinion. Our new marketing phrase - "TP - It Touches Us All!"
In the last three days..

New Years Eve started with a nice sunrise before all the cold air came in.
On New Years Day, we packed up all of the Christmas stuff - including our ever growing Rodney the Reindeer collection.
Today we had our first snow. I had to circle the flakes. It was over in about three minutes. I know they look like the orbs on Ghost Hunters but they are actual flakes of snow.
Tonight it will be nine degrees. Sunday it will be sixty. We are all going to have pneumonia.