Looking for Calderone....

We had a pretty uneventful flight to Miami and actually left on time and arrived a bit early. When I left Lebanon it was 43 degrees. Here in Miami it was 78. It is cloudy and will rain some tomorrow, but there is no talk of snow!

What a roomy plane - especially since it was about 1/3rd empty!
Looking out over Florida - it's down there somewhere.

A little sun as we break through the clouds. The only way to see the sun is way up there since it is dreary on the ground. La Quinta - Spanish for "Place to Collapse".

Tomorrow we'll do some actual work. We are running new cables at a warehouse and the warehouse is behind on production - soooooo, we'll be waiting on them to finish before we can start. It will be a late night or a long Sunday of work depending on how behind they are.

After Miami, we drive to Tampa and I'll be back in the office doing my "normal" job for the rest of the week.