Catching up: Spring Cleaning

Let me preface this entry by saying that we have significantly reduced the amount of superfluous junk we have. In our last few moves, we moved less each time. We have very few closets and there is hardly anything under the beds. The garage and attic are nearly immaculate. The real problems in our house lie in the bathroom closet and the hall closet and it is all my crap!

First, the bathroom closet. In the top, we have all of my computer stuff on one side and a tote filled with cards and kids stuff - such as school papers. The computer stuff needs to go. I bet I have 6 power strips and adapters to electronic stuff I gave away years ago. I keep it all because I tell myself stuff like this:
"I will have a use for a mini USB adapter one of these days!"
"What if I need 4 pairs of headphones?"
"I might need to fix a computer with only a Double Density floppy drive again one day!"

The bottom of the closet is just a lesson in frustration. I have two totes of sheer crap. One has 3 phones in it - my old 110 camera - my old 35mm camera, etc. The other is full of more computer stuff and I would say what if I could remember. And, look at all the TP. I guess I'll have plenty of ammo when I find someone I want to TP.

The hall closet is straight out of Fibber McGee and Molly. You pull out one blanket and 5 more fall on your head. If the power goes out on a 5 degree night, we'll be ready. And, I can wear the actual sweatshirts I wore in high school to my 20th reunion. Well, I wouldn't fit in the them, but I could wear them as arm warmers.
The bottom of this one is the catch all. All of the stuff I've said I would eBAY is here. However, I HATE eBAY! So, I always put it off. I would rather have a yard sale, but I normally give away a carload at a time to the help center.

So, that's where I will start. I do have a tote of coats in the attic - don't know why. Plus a 30 year old Sony b&w portable and no, it does not power on. Arrggghh!!
As I clean out, I will update!