Saturday, we visted just about every store one could imagine. It really gave me flashbacks to the day after Thanksgiving.
Most troubling is "Hobby Lobby". Note that almost everything in the store has a tag that says "Made in China". It's hard to avoid buying stuff made in China these days - America has sold out big time and then wonders why the economy is going to the crapper, but that's an entire entry in itself.
I wonder what the Chinese who make this stuff think of us?
Check out the birdhouses - similar to the ones we made in shop. In fact, ours looked better. But, those jobs are overseas now. We expect minimum wage to build birdhouses and then we join the birdhouse makers union. So, the jobs go to a place where they are just happy to work. Hmmmm.
Trolls and assorted lawn ornaments. I do enjoy lawn ornaments - I have some frogs and squirrels. And, I'm sure they are foreign.
A good way to cap off the night is by eating some foreign food. Carrabba's is a very rare treat at this house. I do try to eat it on every company trip - you have to have some enjoyment out there on the road!
Today, I saw quite possibly the best license plate ever. My treo camera did not do it justice.