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I've been reading the same book now for nearly 5 weeks. It's "The Gum Thief" by Douglas Coupland. I've enjoyed it a lot so far and I look forward to reading it. So, what's the problem? Why can't I dive in and finish this 275 page book?

Remember in "When Harry Met Sally.." when Harry explains that he always flips to the last page in a book so he'll know what happens just in case he croaks before he reaches the end? I'm the exact opposite. I take forever because I don't want it to end. No, I don't think I'll drop dead as soon as I finish a book. I just don't want the enjoyable experience of reading something I actually like to end so fast. That would explain the books in this case that have bookmarks still at the 75% or 80% point. It's shameful actually.

Earth Hour Cam!

From 8PM to 9PM tonight, the lights in the home office (and the rest of the house) are going out. This won't be much of a stretch since the electricity was out most of last night after the storms went through. The cam is up and going now until it's over. Not much exciting going on here tonight - everyone has abandoned ship for a birthday party. For me, it's fish sticks and reading my 500 page book on Microsoft Project.

Edited 2:07PM 3/30/2008 (Sunday)
It's over but here are some captures from the Earth Hour Cam. Not much to see, but I guess that was the point!

My poor neglected blog

The Sun-Times should not even attempt to sound cool...
The Sun Times has really lost it. If they were making money on the internet, I'd say go for it. Making the newspaper the second thought and the internet the primary outlet is a huge mistake. I'm sure the Tribune is enjoying it.

I've been seriously neglecting the blog. I've been working on the yard - A LOT. When I'm not doing that or goofing with the kids, I am working on our major projects at work or nodding off. By the time I have time to sit down at the PC, I'm normally too tired to have a clear thought.

Quit puffing up my ego!

Snow Day!

It started out promising...
but, soon the sun was out!
While it melted, the hot chocolate was served.

Catching up: Nightmares

Most of my nightmares look a lot like this.

Ill, literally

Instead of being just made ill by watching the news, I am actually physically ill. I worked outside yesterday planting grass seed and it pushed me over the cliff from a "kind-of" cold to full blown feeling like crud. Now, I'm all pilled up and ready to fall asleep. I hope I can sleep it off and be as good as new tomorrow. I don't even remember much about today but it was pretty busy, I think.

Other odds and ends:
* I got my Douglas Coupland books from Barnes and today. $29 got me "The Gum Thief", "jPOD", and "Eleanor Rigby"- all in hardcover and shipped to the house. Even with my discount (I happen to work for a book company), I could have never come close to $29.
* Some dude walked out in front of the train that runs from here to Nashville this morning. What a way to go.
* More storms are on the way for tonight and tomorrow. We made it through the last tornado untouched and I do have my weather radio with the world's scariest siren plugged in right by the bed.
* My Contour leaky trunk is back. I had one "dry" week and now the leak is bigger than ever. I applied a ton of glue and putty today but I doubt it had time to dry before the rain hit again. Maybe I'll just give in and buy fish for the spare tire well.

That's it for today. If you want to read a real blog, head over to Randall got a very good piece of news today and we're very happy for him and his family.