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Comedy coming to an end on 'Corner Gas'
Updated Fri. Apr. 11 2008 9:54 AM ET News Staff

"Corner Gas" star and creator Brent Butt has declared that the pumps are closed as his hit comedy is ending its highly successful run on CTV.


Drove over 500 miles today and it was worth it just to see this TV at the McDonalds in Adairsville, GA:

Total Miles driven since last Friday: 1734
Total amount of money spent on Gas: $178.76
Seeing this TV at McDonalds: PRICELESS

Driving Home

Driving home today and it looks like it will be a long rainy 7 hours +. If we ever get out of the hotel, we will get breakfast, then gas, then hit the road.

Rainy night in Georgia

Sitting at the Cracker Barrel just a few miles from the hotel in Valdosta. I'm already dreading tomorrow's drive.

We took a vote. We are never leaving.

Actually, after lunch we are. We'll search for seafood and then head for Valdosta.


- We'll look for a seafood place on the coast before we leave
- We'll drive to Valdosta to crash at a Hampton before tomorrow's big drive back

2 evening pictures from last night


Ready for the wedding

My sailboat is out behind them.

Venice Beach

Sunny morning- will be 90 again today.


- for everyone to wake up
- to get some actual food (a banana is not enough for breakfast)
- to head to Venice Beach and look out of place in my Wal-Mart purchased polo shirt
- to find lunch at any restaurant and relax knowing that nowhere could be as expensive as Disney
- to head to the wedding and sit outside in 90 degree heat in a suit

Bonus Picture

At the site of the wedding

The views here are incredible. We spent the afternoon swimming at the house we are staying at (photos to come). This is much more relaxing than Disney so far.

All done!

We saw most of the park (Movie Studio). We saw the parade of Pixar characters. We went on the backstage tour and saw explosions and other effects.
Tomorrow we are off to Sarasota for a wedding Friday night. We come back home Sunday. I'll update some between now and then.


I'm about pooped. Just a couple of things left to hit then supper @ 7. After supper, we'll drag back to the hotel or maybe EPCOT one more time- not sure yet.

Beauty and the Beast

Pretty cool. Not sure what we are doing next. Parade is at 3.

Playhouse Disney

High School Musical now (they are kind of ripping off Grease). Beauty and the Beast next!

Character Breakfast

Just finished Little Mermaid. Now we are waiting for another show. Seems much cooler today thank goodness!

Hollywood Studios

We're starting our last day before heading to the beach here with a Playhouse Disney breakfast then The Little Mermaid.


Instead of collapsing in the room like smart people, we went back to the Magic Kingdom and closed the place for the second night in a row. Even worse, we ended the journey on the Carousel of Progress which nearly put me to sleep the same way it did nearly 30 years ago when I first saw it. I did enjoy torturing the kids with it. Tomorrow is formerly known as MGM and another super expensive character breakfast.


The safari was the best part of Animal Kingdom for us.

Lion King show and Jungle Walk

Now we are in the bird show- we have safari passes at 4 PM. We're going back to the hotel for a night of swimming and resting after that. Whew!