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R.I.P. - Quick Set Pool

It takes one box cutter and six ForceFlex bags to properly rub out a 16ft quick set pool. This piece of fine Chinese manufacturing lasted ONE year. It was $150! It was also too heavy to store in the attic so the field mice left multiple holes over the winter while it was hibernating in the shed.
Cause of death - found one hole too many and had a weak side that collapsed no matter which way you turned it.

Rest in piece, old buddy.

The cutting begins.

The aftermath.

The burial will happen at the local landfill. Al Gore would smack me upside the head.

Bad Driver of the Week

Thursday, May 29, 2008. Around lunch.
The moron, eh, I mean, the citizen, was observed driving on a road near my home. Her speed was fluctuating between 30 and 35 in a 45 mph zone and was slumped over to the left chatting away on her cell. A real winner. She works right around the corner from my house. All I need now is to borrow a red Ford Tempo and buy a carton of eggs so I can get my revenge.

Harvey Korman - another great gone!

Harvey Korman was well respected but deserved even more accolades for taking risky roles, such as Hedley Lamarr in Blazing Saddles. Not many actors could pull off such an over the top role and he did it with style. I grew up watching him on The Carol Burnett Show and he was one of the best. Here is a clip from that show with his close friend Tim Conway...

Storms rolling in...

Big 89 Rewind for Memorial Day

It wasn't that very long ago that we turned to the AM radio for the best music. WLS was one of the longest AM's to hang on in one form or another until 1989. Today, they are going back in time for the second Memorial Day rewind. Check out "the old days" at

A week I am glad to see end

This week has been brutal. I feel like I've had 8 hours of sleep all week. It's been action packed - buried at work, both kids having end of school activities, trying to get the backyard ready for summer, etc. etc. On top of that, the dog got sick this week (I love cleaning carpets).
Tomorrow starts a 4 day weekend and I need it big time. I play to slack, slack, and slack some more.

Oh - we finally got to play Wii Fit tonight. It wore me out. I expect to be in complete pain. My Wii Age is 28! I was in shock. I also got listed as a Yoga Expert! So, we'll see how this thing works out. If I have the dedication to do it daily, it might be pretty fun.

Preschool Graduation

Lindsay graduated from preschool last night. Sara's last day of school was today. Time keeps flying by. I need to try to get into "summer mode".

Here is Lindsay's graduation:

Flashback: Sara graduates from preschool last summer.

Wii got it!

Yes, I am one of those people crazy enough to drive to Walmart at 1:30 AM just to buy a video game. I think it will be worth it.

It only took 26 years...

(No, I did not make this. Pretty cool, though.)

This Tuesday, the entire one season of Square Pegs comes out on DVD. It premiered in 1982 and I remember watching it every week. I've seen it since on VH-1, I think, and I am amazed at how strange it seems now. I'm thinking about getting the DVD just for the retro-sake of it.
The whole purpose of this post was to show off the cool picture I stumbled upon reading reviews of the DVD's.

Most of these are too washed out

But they should serve as proof that I am really here and not sitting at home resting like a normal person.

What to do on a Sunday afternoon?

See a middle school production of Willy Wonka, of course.

Looking back

Today was my sister-in-law's graduation from my alma mater, Western Kentucky University. I have rarely been back since I graduated (maybe 3 times in 10 years). The reason? I'm not sure. I guess we all have certain regrets - things we would do in a different way if we had a do-over. I have plenty about college. First and foremost, I would have enjoyed the experience a lot more and worried a lot less. The space and distance of time makes it easier to accept those regrets and just move forward. The people I met - teachers and friends - still have lasting impact on me daily and I am grateful for that.

The uniform room! I worked in there for three years. The foundation for every working success I have had all goes back to the fundamentals I learned in this job.

I started at WKU in August of 1991 and moved away in July of 1996. The 5 years went by far too fast.