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Getting ready for tomorrow

It's a GLOOMY day today but tomorrow will be sunny and 82!
Lindsay practiced for tomorrow two months ago and I just found this picture. We'll be cooking out, putting up the volleyball net, and hitting the pool for Canada Day this year. And, we'll be using all of the cool party stuff that Connect2Canada sent us!

Let's hit things with hammers!

Yes - it's really some odd form of croquet. No, I don't remember how to play it. I was their age the last time I tried. All they care about is being able to hit things with big hammers.


Today is my father's 74th birthday. I'm not sure where the time has gone. He retired last year and is back at work now doing part-time right where he retired from. I guess work keeps you young. With two kids to put through college, I guess I'll get to stay young forever!

It's odd to think about my parents getting older (my mother will be 70 in November). Yesterday would have been both my grandmother's (gone in '78 at age 58 - another smoking related heart attack - don't smoke!) and great-grandmother's (gone in '93 at the age of 96) birthdays. June used to be pretty busy around our house! Since 1993, it's been eeriely quiet. My wife has a pretty big family but my parents are now all that is left of mine. I'm lucky - I moved back home 10 years ago and I've had a lot of extra time with them that a lot of people don't get.

It has not all been a smooth ride - getting to know the parents that I don't really think I knew that well when I lived under their roof- but I'm grateful for the time I have had and I will not move away, regardless of what happens at work. Time is much more important than money.

Tent Night

For special events, we put up the camping tent in the living room and have tent night. Tonight is the new Disney movie "Camp Rock" and I'm having to sit through it to just to make sure they don't show the kids how to light fires or steal cars. So far, it's a tad dumb but fairly tame.

This day in 1991

18 years ago today....

Wow. In 18 years, I'm up 60 pounds! Ahhh, If I knew then what I know now..... I barely remember the "Me" of June 19, 1990. This is from the 25 cent scale at the front of the old Wal Mart that was brand new at the time. It's now a Sears outlet. Tomorrow, I'll post another one of these from one year later.
On a side note, Larry King just mentioned that Motley Crue will be on the show with him tomorrow night.
That is just plain scary.

Father's Day

I got a clean dog...

And a turtle twirling a hula hoop.

That should be just creepy enough to keep the door to door salespeople away.

2 lbs of crab legs at Red Lobster


Made it

After some car trouble, I finally made it to Cincinnati. I even stopped at the store I worked at 10 years ago. It has not changed at all. Tomorrow will be a busy day. I'll have to channel the inner strength!!

The Blog is going back on the road!

On the road again - this time for work. I'll be working in Cincinnati for the next week. I'll drive up (about a 5 hour drive) tomorrow afternoon. I hope to spend what little bit of free time I have going out to where I used to live there. I'm sure they turned it into a shrine the moment I left. It's hard to believe, but we moved away from Cincinnati 10 years ago this July! I dread working in the warehouse in all of the heat but I'm optimistic that it will go well. And I can keep myself entertained by taking pictures and posting them immediately here! Woo hoo!

Another exciting weekend!

The stomach bug going around really slowed down our weekend. Our oldest had it last week and now the youngest is starting to get over it (hopefully). So, we stayed around the house all weekend. Here is "Our Saturday in Pictures":

If you don't get out of the bed fast enough, we just make the bed right over you.
The new pool started going up Saturday morning. I bought this in November on clearance at Kmart for $40! It is $150 new. It sat at my wife's parents all winter since they were going to use it. Our pool died, so we got it back. The pool is by INTEX and I couldn't recommend it more. It was easy to put up, very sturdy, and best of all - it came with full instructions on a DVD!!
Later in the afternoon, it was done!
To celebrate, I broke out the Taco Bell gear and made fajitas and tostadas. Sara (my future photojournalist) took this picture!
The dog wanted fajitas but no - only yummy prescription dog food for her! (Digestive problems=expensive dog)

I stayed up until 12:30AM going through boxes from the attic. Alex was pooped. Another Saturday was gone.