Estelle Getty

Another great from my youth is gone. Growing up with my main claim to fame being in the trombone section, I spent quite a few Saturday nights at the house :-). So, I watched a lot of "The Golden Girls" and I still do. It could get preachy at times, but when it was "in the groove", it was one of the funniest shows on TV (and still is).

All hail Sophia!
Rose: Well, I'm off.
Sophia: Totally.

Rose: Sophia, why are you in such a bad mood?
Sophia: Excuse me Rose, but I haven't had sex in fifteen years and its starting to get on my nerves.

Dorothy: Hi, ma. Where are you going?
Sophia: To the boardwalk. I like to watch the old guys rearrange themselves when they come out of the water.

[Sophia enters kitchen]
Dorothy: You couldn't sleep either, huh?
Sophia: No, I'm sleeping so good I thought I'd come try it in the sink.

Sophia: I can't believe it. Esther Weinstock is dead.
Dorothy: Oh I'm so sorry Ma, How'd it happen?
Sophia: [sarcastically] She was fighting an oil rig fire in the Gulf of Mexico.
[agitated] Sophia: SHE WAS 88!
Rose: Well, it's good that she kept fighting right up to the end.

Blanche: I have writer's block. It's the worst feeling in the world.
Sophia: Try ten days without a bowel movement sometime.

Rose: Here you are, Sophia. The perfect after-dinner treat, a nice dish of Jell-O.
Sophia: I hate Jell-O. If God wanted peaches suspended in midair, he would have filled them with helium.

"Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot!!" - definitive proof that Estelle Getty was a great actress. Who else could pull off a comedy with Rocky?


  1. Thanks for the great memories!
    made me laugh out loud.


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