First Day of School

Last year, I had no idea which direction this blog was going to take. For some reason, I guess I did not put up the first day of school pictures. I won't make the same mistake this year since our oldest is starting 1st grade and our youngest is starting kindergarten.

It's funny to think that I started kindergarten 30 years ago this year!!

My favorite shot of the morning - I missed my photojournalist calling!
Sara and Lindsay in Lindsay's kindergarten classroom (the same one Sara was in last year!)

Lindsay immediately found the owl puppet

Lindsay began the new Federal Government Play-Doh Assessment Test before we left (All Play-Doh funding is determined by the test)

Sara heads into First Grade - less than 10 years from wanting her own car!

Sara is ready for her fuddy-duddy parents to leave so she can get down to business!!