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Hurricane Tips from Raul Castro

As the Cuban government evacuates you, please remember these tips:
1) Turn off your iron
2) Make sure you have your mail service stopped
3) Don't forget to pack your pig

Ice cream pic correction

Just like the election, you must give your kids equal time.


At the Captain D's- because we believe in healthy eating!

Ready for Sunday School

Piglet is here and ready to learn.

Fair recap

No - I will absolutely not go back to the fair this year - it is the last night. Now, my feet and stomach can get a well-deserved break. Here are some additional pics from one more night at the fair:

The parade of classic cars

Where else can you get Horse Made Ice Cream? Yummmm - tastes like glue!

Yep - here is the Fiddlers Grove Opry with Melvin Sloan ( and the Fingerless Fiddler ( It freaked me out a bit but he sure can play. Probably not too successful at hitchiking though.
As I took the picture of the hawk, he turned and looked deep into my soul. I approached him. He whispered quietly "Lose some weight there, porky".
I made it back home and watched the fireworks from the back deck. I live so close to the fair that I can smell the lard.
Another great fair complete. It's like a mini-vacation right down the road.

Nighttime at the fair

Waiting for the high dive show.

Square dance competition

I guess all of the kids aren't listening to hip hop!

Back at the fair

Somehow my dad talked me into yet another night at the fair. Must resist the urge for a funnel cake......

Red Lobster

Or, as Sara calls it, "The Red Crab".

What a night!

After a week of the stomach bug, I was determined to go to "Channel 4 Weather" night at the fair. It was well worth sitting in 90 degree heat when I was only feeling about 75% (much better than this morning though!).

I was smart and avoided the funnel cake this time.

This picture is my favorite! Snowbird!!! Woot!
We saw the Gene Shalit display.
We saw a crazy man on fire dive into a pool.
Here is the Channel 4 WSMV team from my tiny Treo camera.
The midway - the smells of greasy food literally started to make me ill so I had to get away from it. This stomach bug has been a bear.

That's it for the Wilson County Fair this year. Another great event!

Still here

Looking for roasted corn

I met Snowbird!


Back at the fair!

Bring on the food!

Funnel cake


More at the fair


At the fair

Kind of hot but not 104 like last year!

The Lizard

Keeping our tradition of kidnapping helpless animals out of the yard and trapping them for a while before we release them back into the suburban wild, tonight we got a baby lizard. The big ones bite so we'll stay away from those.

I used to never see lizards around here but always saw them on trips to Florida. Now, they are abundant. Climate change? Naaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh.

Lindsay & Lizard
Poor captive lizard
Sara & Lizard

Let my story inspire you to great heights

For all of those who are out there fighting to achieve a dream, let me tell you - you can do it!! Never give up!!

I was told by the naysayers that I was too old - too out of shape - I had grown up in "the dark ages" with only an Atari and no internet.

Today - I have showed them all.

The doubters have been silenced.

The skeptics have been left shaking their heads.

Yes, I broke 2000 on Wii Tennis.


Hard to believe that Marvin Gaye has been gone almost 25 years....


I've been working on getting rid of the summer clutter now that both kids are at school full time. Yesterday, I went through all of my work files and through out a TON of stuff - some junk going back five years. I have a couple of big projects coming up, so I am cleaning up in preparation of getting busy. I still have a box upstairs from where I moved from the office to the house and I intend to attack that in the next couple of days.

The home office - version 4.

I got this nice desk from my mother who was not using it and decided to make a "nook" in the corner of the living room for working on the church website, maintaining this blog, and working on work projects (documents mostly) that spill over to late night. My home office is in the bedroom and I've spent many nights keeping my wife up while I work. Problem solved! Also, when family comes over, I can take the computer stuff away and make this just another little table.

Of course, once I bring out the camera, the dog has to get in the picture. I took this and realized that she reminded me of "The Runaway Bride". I'll let you know if I find a bus ticket and a wig.

It's only August 10th

But it's already Christmas at the Cracker Barrel!

Who will be next? It comes in threes...

Isaac Hayes - gone at 65. Died while running on a treadmill. Further proof that exercise is just too dangerous....

For the readers who are my age.....
For the younger crowd....

My new chair!

I searched all over for the perfect chair to use at my tiny living room table where I keep my personal laptop and where I write all of this crap (away from all of the home office stuff). I wanted something I could easily tuck away when people came over. And, I didn't want wheels of a rolling office chair getting marks on the carpet. Call me picky.

Anyway, here is the chair:

It is quite comfortable (much better than the card table chair I have been using) and has the following odd, yet impressive, notes on the warranty:

Warranty is based on an 8 hour, single shift day for users weighing up to 250 lbs. This warranty does not apply to damage caused by fire, accident, negligence, misuse, improper cleaning or other circumstances not directly attributable to manufacturing defects.


the warrant does not apply to: modifications of the product, attachments to the product not approved by OfficeEditions, and products that were not installed, used, or maintained in accordance with product instructions and warnings.

OK - this is a comfortable chair - but if you sit down at work for 8 hours a day and all you are getting is a $24 folding chair, you're getting a raw deal. I'm still pondering how I can misuse this chair (maybe I better not use it to hold up the car while I change the oil). My favorites are the modifications (install your own reclining action) and unapproved attachments (cupholders?).

Bernie Mac gone at 50

Only 50 years old. I'm shocked. More shocked that his publicist just said he was getting better. Pneumonia is terrible and I speak from experience.