Fair recap

No - I will absolutely not go back to the fair this year - it is the last night. Now, my feet and stomach can get a well-deserved break. Here are some additional pics from one more night at the fair:

The parade of classic cars

Where else can you get Horse Made Ice Cream? Yummmm - tastes like glue!

Yep - here is the Fiddlers Grove Opry with Melvin Sloan (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhNJG4Pr4w4) and the Fingerless Fiddler (http://fingerlessfiddler.com/index.html). It freaked me out a bit but he sure can play. Probably not too successful at hitchiking though.
As I took the picture of the hawk, he turned and looked deep into my soul. I approached him. He whispered quietly "Lose some weight there, porky".
I made it back home and watched the fireworks from the back deck. I live so close to the fair that I can smell the lard.
Another great fair complete. It's like a mini-vacation right down the road.