I've been working on getting rid of the summer clutter now that both kids are at school full time. Yesterday, I went through all of my work files and through out a TON of stuff - some junk going back five years. I have a couple of big projects coming up, so I am cleaning up in preparation of getting busy. I still have a box upstairs from where I moved from the office to the house and I intend to attack that in the next couple of days.

The home office - version 4.

I got this nice desk from my mother who was not using it and decided to make a "nook" in the corner of the living room for working on the church website, maintaining this blog, and working on work projects (documents mostly) that spill over to late night. My home office is in the bedroom and I've spent many nights keeping my wife up while I work. Problem solved! Also, when family comes over, I can take the computer stuff away and make this just another little table.

Of course, once I bring out the camera, the dog has to get in the picture. I took this and realized that she reminded me of "The Runaway Bride". I'll let you know if I find a bus ticket and a wig.