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Early Sunrise at Pensacola Beach

Today was an early day - getting back to work. So, I got to take a few early sunrise pictures today. Breathtaking - hard to get motivated to leave and go to work!

Dinner Sunday night

We ate at McGuire's Irish Pub which had incredible crab cakes.

It's hard to see, but they have thousands and thousands of one dollar bills attached to the ceiling throughout the restaurant.

See more at

At Dinner

We are at the Fish House on the Bay after a visiting the very crowded Seafood Festival.

Paul Newman

Even with all of the rumors in the past months about his health, I was still surprised to see that Paul Newman had died yesterday. He was one of those timeless actors - you could not typecast him or pin him down to certain roles. His acting appeared effortless. Who do we have today who we will remember the same way in 50 years?
One of my favorite movies is "Nobody's Fool". He was perfect for the role and the character is no different from all of us- trying to do the best we can, learning from mistakes and regrets but still moving forward. I will miss Paul Newman.

Sunrise at Pensacola Beach

It's hard to go to work when you wake up to this every morning. Phenomenal. The pictures just do not do it justice.

Finally eating

A long day today topped off with a computer problem. But, who cares when you get to drive back to your hotel on the beach?


I almost called in to work today and faked an illness just to stay at the hotel! Of course, that didn't happen, but I'll have some time this weekend to take in the beach during the day. It is a phenomenal place to stay - we are getting spoiled on this trip.

A bit after sunrise at the beach

View from the hotel

Right next to the hotel

Driving across the bay

Wow. More pics to come.

Some pics from the hotel

The hotel is very nice. I plan on moving my family in ASAP.

Made it

Finally...after crazy traffic and bugs everywhere!

At the rocket

You can't drive into Alabama without stopping at the welcome center with the rocket. I'll probably go at least 200 miles before stopping again.

On the way to Florida

404 miles to go.


You can't leave Illinois without stopping at Metropolis!


I am tempted to steal it.

Apologies to: Ray Parker Jr.
TITLE: Ghostduster
Lyrics and Chords

If there's something strange on your wipe-off board
Who you gonna call - GhostDuster
If there's someone weird who can’t spell good
Who you gonna call - GhostDuster

/ A - G D A - G D / / / /

I ain't afraid of no markers
I ain't afraid of no markers

/ Am - - - - - - - D7 - - - - - - - / /

If the wrong words come out of your head
Who can you call - GhostDuster
Budget numbers that make you want to be dead
Oh, who you gonna call - GhostDuster


Who you gonna call - GhostDuster
If you're meeting is stuck pick up the phone
And call - GhostDuster

{As bridge}
I ain't afraid of no markers
I like drawing whirls
I ain't afraid of no markers
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Who you gonna call - GhostDuster
Well, if you've had a dose of a freaky boss, baby
You'd better call - GhostDuster

Let me tell you something
Dustin' makes me feel good

/ D7 - - - / /


Don't get drawn alone, oh no
When you draw graphs and charts, with the wrong Marks-A-Lot
I think you better call - GhostDuster

Who you gonna call - GhostDuster
{Repeat to fade}

St. Louis Update

Yes - I made it to St. Louis but I am working long hours so I don't even open the computer at night. Here is a tiny entry..

Proof that I am here
We had huge oversized pizza for lunch. Just looking at it gives you gas.

Someone is staring at you in personal growth

Made it!

The wind is getting worse!