A day in Ft. Worth

We started out the morning driving to Ft. Worth and trying to avoid all of the traffic coming into town for the Dallas Cowboys game.
First stop - Ft. Worth Water Gardens. A very cool place!

You can walk right down into the fountains. I was not daring enough to do this and I'm not sure my knees would have been forgiving if I had tried!

Rene decided to disrupt the falls! Where would she get such an idea?

Bonnie was next.
I had to join into the civil disobedience!

We saw Prospector Pete in Downtown Ft. Worth.

We made it to the Stock Yards and realized a few thousand other people were also there for
the Red Steagall Cowboy Gathering (http://www.redsteagallcowboygathering.com/)
This is the restaurant we ate at.

He was disapproving Rene's lunch choice....

...the calf fries. The scientific term is Cow Testicles!!

Bonnie posed with one of the locals.

We saw the Lone Ranger's star on the Texas Trail of Fame.

We saw some authentic Longhorns! Notice that he is hiding his "fries".

At Gravevine Mills, Bonnie defaced some currency for the grandkids! I called the FBI on my cell phone.

Ft. Worth was a great place to go - three thumbs up!!

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