Black Friday

Supposedly, there were not going to be as many people out for Black Friday this morning.
Here is the crowd at Walmart right before 5AM.

Here's the herd all lined up and ready to go into Office Max.
We did spend FAR less this year. There weren't a whole lot of "must have" deals. In fact - all of our purchases were pretty random.
I got a few really good deals due to the Walmart Black Friday "don't want to put it in the backroom" rule. We went to the store at around 4AM for the initial onslaught. Then, we went to other stores. I went back alone to Walmart around 8 and they had already marked most of the Black Friday specials down another 50%! If it doesn't sell fast, it gets marked down fast.
Well, Christmas shopping (and some birthday shopping) is done. We can relax.