An expanded entry with lots of pictures from our last night in Bloomington, Indiana...We headed down near the IU Campus to look for some unique places to visit. It was quite an experience!

Dinner was at Siam House - A Thai restaurant

Interesting - can't remember where this was.

Soma - Coffee House and Juice Bar - the most unique part of the trip and we found it by accident. The description on Wikitravel sums it up quite well:

Soma Cliquish hipster heaven, where anyone who's alternative, fashionably or otherwise, goes to be seen (everyone looks up at the door when it opens to see who's coming in). Don't forget to drop a few coins in the tip jar or be prepared for snide comments and dirty looks. Good coffee nonetheless.

On the bulletin board at Soma - quite tempting....

In the bathroom - I think we need to store TP like this at our house.

Needless to say, we were the oldest people at Soma.

They even had Velvet Elvis.

This morning brought the ice. We scooted out of town as soon as we could.

In Louisville, I knew home was in reach!

My XM kept me happy with some good driving tunes.

My OLD Kentucky Home - those were the days....

So, I made it home in one piece. Back to work tomorrow. No more travel this year (yay!). Hopefully we will miss the ice tonight.