3. Reflections on Christmases Past

It hit me today - full blast. I was standing in Walmart (Chinese Superstore) looking at all of the Christmas items on clearance. It's at that moment that I realized it is all just about over. All of the work - all the decorating and wrapping and preparing - it's all about done. I can already see myself picking up wrapping paper off the floor, bundling trash for the garbage man, and taking down the Christmas lights. This happens no matter how hard I try not to think about it.

I guess that's the odd thing about getting older. When you're a kid, the anticipation builds right up through Christmas morning and then, it hits you (the "it's over blahs"). When you're older, the blahs come a bit earlier - at least for me. Maybe there is a little part of me that wishes I could freeze my kids in time and have these Christmases over and over and enjoy the thrill they get out of what will seem "not so magical" as they get older.
It's amazing how fast it goes by. Here I am in 1975 (age 2) at Rivergate Mall meeting Santa Claus. I don't appear to be too pleased with the experience (maybe I am embarassed in that coat).

The next year, I seem to be a bit more excited. It could be the minature leisure suit. They were all the rage in '76.