6. (The one with the parties)

We started the day with Lindsay's party.

Here is the student teacher in Lindsay's class.

Here is Lindsay's teacher.

Here is Lindsay at Sara's party - it had a "fiesta theme". Ho Ho Bueno?

Sara and Lindsay stuffing their faces.

Sara shows off the fiesta wear.

We enjoyed the 73 degree day with an outdoor activity I call "Throw pizza on the roof for the birds to eat". (Yes - it was 73 today. First day in the 70's since October. I'm sure we will pay for it)

Lindsay normally only does a fake smile for pictures. This is a real smile. Lindsay is obviously happy when she is doing something naughty.

Speaking of naughty, this picture speaks for itself.

So, school is out until January. Christmas is less than a week away. It goes by much too quick.