Blog Catch-up

I've really been slacking, so here are the last few days in pictures...
Last Friday night, we visited Opryland Hotel for the Christmas Lights. Every year it gets more expensive to go there (parking is $18!!!) and there are fewer and fewer lights - especially outside. Well, at least the kids enjoyed it.
Saturday, we celebrated Lindsay's birthday early with a party at the bowling alley and a competive game of bblapnur. Mark my words - bblapnur is the next cornhole.

Look who is back to terrorize the kids - Andrew, The Elf on the Shelf.

I came home from lunch today and this is what was waiting on the street that leads to my house. I had to call the ambulance and the police and hopefully, this guy is OK. Makes my lousy busy day at work seem not so bad.

We topped it off my seeing my father-in-law direct the band at the Christmas concert tonight.
It will be Christmas before we know it and then it will be boring old January. Yuk.