Blog Housekeeping

I've been quite the electronics guru in the last week. Look at this impressive list...
  • Finally got my wife's iPOD Touch set up
  • Fixed up an ancient Windows 98 laptop that has been sitting under a piece of furniture for a year and even installed wireless!
  • Finally reprogrammed my police scanners so they actually pick up the town I live in (even though I use them mostly to listen to the headsets at the drive-thru since I am a freak! At least I know which food they are dropping on the floor and who they are making fun of at the window.)
  • Cleaned out my entire laptop music library - deleted all the songs I don't listen to - refreshed and upgraded my Zune from scratch
  • Committed to give Twitter a second chance - started following several Bloggers I like - hoping to be inspired!

And....customized my Blogger template the old fashioned way - editing the code manually. I finally made the blog nice and big like I like it - big columns - contrasting colors - plenty of room for my widgets and for pictures for 2009.

With all of this done, I can sleep well tonight. Tomorrow is my last day at work for 5 glorious days. Also, I'll post the "Year in Review" tomorrow. Good night!