A day of nothing

I started out the morning by building the kids a blanket/chair tent in the living room. Doesn't everyone do this from time to time? I may build one for myself so I can sit in it when I have a bad day at work.

Of course, the rain came and flooded the yard again! This was barely a half an inch - I would hate to see what a full blast storm would do. Luckily, we have snow in the forecast since it will be much colder next week. That means no more rain and maybe the yard will dry out a bit. Looks like we'll be buying a truckload of topsoil for the backyard this spring.

These are actually little seeds or something (I do not have a green thumb) that are floating on top of the water. It is quite odd.

It will take quite a bit of soil and grass seed to fix all of this mess!

Other than this, we did very little today. We watched the Tennessee Titans lose and I updated the Ubuntu on my netbook (geek stuff). It was really a wasted day but I guess everyone needs a wasted day every so often. That's it! Off to bed!