After Christmas Cleanup Continues

The other night I mentioned Trivial Pursuit games that I have piled up over the years. Here they all are - piled up and ready to head to the thrift store. The two on top are at least 25 years old. We spent a lot of time playing these but they are pretty dated now and are just taking up space. Hopefully, someone will get some use out of them!
I guess I held on to all of these because my mother bought most of them and was the key person who insisted we play - a lot. I owe all of my knowledge of useless trivia (and most other things) to my mother. It's funny what you get "attached" to. These are just board games. I've gotten rid of so many things over the last year - it's amazing that I made trip after trip to the thrift store and still allowed these games to stay.
My current dilemma is all of the kids school papers. I have several little totes full of drawings, worksheets, certificates and they are only in kindergarten and first grade. I'll have to make some tough decisions.
My next big areas of the house to tackle are the little catch-all area of the attic (designated for a warmer weather clean up), the garage and the outside shed.

I am glad it is almost the weekend. This has been a tense week. There are a lot of changes happening at work again and it is hard to know how it will all play out. We are staying hopeful and positive that there will be no major changes and at this point I feel lucky to just be employed at all with the way things are. I don't feel I have much right to complain considering what people around me are going through.

We know four families that are dealing with painful situations this week - 2 of which received worse than expected diagnosis. A few weeks ago, Randall Friesen posted a blog entry that has stuck with me and offers great hope in such difficult times.