New Years Day 2009

I still couldn't figure out how to make TwitPic work with my phone today (I think I got it tonight), so I had to wait to share these pics. I decided to take a few pictures to show how my New Years Day went. I did not take any pictures of packing up and putting all of the Christmas stuff in the attic, but I have the cuts and bruises to show for it.

Redbox was finally up and working today. I am starting to understand their racket. Every time I rent movies, I go to return them and the machine is always down. And no - I am not waiting until the last minute either. This machine was stuck on "Inventory Processing" last night. The one down the street was stuck on a Dell boot screen.

I guess I was meant to return them a day late. I got behind this woman with her kid. Notice that she proudly had "Big Nasty" embroidered on her sweatshirt. I bet her son is extremely proud.

Walmart had the Valentines gifts out early! Just what I wanted - TP! And, notice how Charmin Ultra Soft is correctly merchandised under the sign that reads PLUSH.

Notice how you should be frugal when buying Valentines gifts this year. Nothing says "I Love You" like a 12 pack of cheap paper towels. I think giving the cheap stuff could ruin your holiday but I do realize that the economy is tough.

Finally, I did eat my Black Eyed Pea for good luck tonight. These things taste like dirt bubble gum, so I decided that one should still do the trick.

That's it. I hope your New Years Day was as exciting as mine.