Odds and Ends

Just some odds and ends tonight.

In recent news, I already broke one part of my "goals for 2009". I bought another book for the book shelf - a $3 copy of Billy Crystal's memoir. Shame on me, but I will get to it and it was just $3!!

In updates for 2008: I think my biggest goals for the year was organization and simplifying.

If you read this blog, you might remember that I took pictures of my closets and posted them online (link). I guess I was trying to shame myself into cleaning them up since they were completely out of control:

Well, I actually cleaned that one up -
I also cleaned up most of the clutter from the house. Instead of garage sales, I collected up everything of value and gave most of it to the thrift store (multiple car loads!) or found a home for it on Freecycle. A few items found homes on eBay and gave us some extra Christmas money. Not only that, we've really tried to limit what comes into the house. I'm not trying to go all Al Gore or anything (we still have regular, Earth destroying light bulbs), but I think we've successfully cut down on wasted items. If what was kept doesn't get used for 6 months, it is gone.

There are a few items that still need to be gone through and removed (I'm not sure how I accumulated so many Trivial Pursuit games or coffee makers!).

I return to work tomorrow. This is the first time I can remember taking so much time off during the holidays, but I really needed the recharge. I hope I can hold onto my newly found energy and get back in the groove quickly.