Friday Music Flashback

In my free time (which is abundant lately), I hit the Goodwill looking for a book. Like always, I had to walk through electronics and a vintage 1980's Soundesign stereo caught my eye. It was marked at 14.99 but had a red tag (which is 50% off). I looked and wondered where I would put it. I finally talked myself out of it and left.

Two days later, I was back and I decided to see if it was still there. Yep. The two cassette decks and 8 track probably freaked people out. I plugged it in and it worked. Call it 1980's nostalgia, but I bought it.

I had a Soundesign stereo that I got for my birthday in 1986. It's still in storage with its super-huge speakers. This model is lights up more than mine did (Soundesign envy) and is probably a couple of years older than mine was. Gone is the turntable and the wooden shelf. And, the speakers are not original. These are Emersons.

It sounds suprisingly good. It will be great to have this summer plugged in out on the deck. And, it has aux in so it works great with the Zune. I'm not brave enough to try a tape since I only kept a few and I would hate to see one get eaten.

Check out the "intensity". I bet I was pumping at least 3 watts out of those speakers. The neighbors might complain.

Our Friday music flashback is a song I have on the Zune and hear regularly on the XM 70's on 7 channel. It's another Bob Welch classic : "Precious Love". Turn up the volume and step back to 1979.