Monday Music Extra

A short entry the $3 bargain DVD bin at the Big Lots was a copy of "True Stories". This is David Byrne's (of Talking Heads) ultra weird movie about the ultra weird inhabitants of a small Texas town. It is strange and you get a slight feeling that he is a bit anti-commercial / anti-media excess. What's scary is that this was released in 1986. I can only imagine what he thinks now since it is much much worse today.

So, I guess I've drank too many Cokes or watched too much mindless television (he warned me!), but I had forgotted that the video for "Wild Wild Life" is actually part of the film. The song is great - the video is excellent - and the movie has the strangest mall fashion show you will ever see. For that alone, it is worth the $3.

Click here to see the video at I never could make the embedded video play here.