Riding the Waves

It's been a fairly quiet couple of weeks here on the blog. That's mainly due to being distracted by my current work situation. In a matter of two weeks, I've changed departments (again - second time in a year), taken on a new project involving hundreds of users and tried to create the planning for that new project with only 10 days to do the work - all while the company is going through a major upheaval.

Needless to say, in the past two weeks, I've set new personal records in several areas:

- Coffee Consumption
- Minimum Hours of Sleep
- Amount of overnight web surfing completed
- Nervous cleaning (I've never been quite so organized and dust-free)
- Repetitive calls to co-workers looking for encouraging thoughts while really just satisfied that their phones haven't been disconnected unexpectedly

I may look back on this period in a few months and wonder why I was so paranoid or I may look back on this period in a few months with a different job - going down a new road. I guess only time will tell. For now, I've got some videos to watch on YouTube and some andirons to clean (and I don't even own a fireplace, not that you would know this).