The entry where I plug "Perfect Fifths"

I rarely, rarely endorse products on the blog. Aside from an HDTV USB adapter and my Asus EEE 900A (my netbook which is quite literally the best friend I think a writer / professional web surfer could ever own), I normally share links to good blogs and tell a little bit about what I am reading.

Tonight, I am killing two birds with one stone. Megan McCafferty is not only a fellow member of the Class of 1991 (not at the same school. But, did I mention that Taylor Swift attended my high school? That is the only thing that impresses my kids about where I attended high school), a great blogger (click here), and an all around nice person, but she is also a quite accomplished author with a new book coming out.

Perfect Fifths is the fifth (obviously) book in her series and it will hit stores (and Amazon) on April 14th. You can pre-order now (click here or here) and you can catch up on the first four books (click here or here).

In the last couple of months, I shamelessly proclaimed my love for When Harry Met Sally and Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist on Facebook, thus admitting to the world that I prefer romantic comedies over action adventure flicks. Now, I admit that I have read these books, thus you must also think I am into Chick Lit. I guess you could consider these books "Chick Lit" in some manner, but I think that minimizes what they really are. I am just really into good books, no matter how the "general press" might classify them. I discovered the books through Megan's blog and I am glad I did.

I feel that she captures the experience of "growing up" better than many of the other writers I have read. The series pulls you in and if you don't see yourself somewhere in there, you are not looking hard enough.

So, here is the trailer - done by a fan for a contest Megan had on her website. It is amazing that fans spent so much time creating so many great trailers - I watched many of them today (I have quite a bit of free time lately!!). It's a real testament to the quality of her books. And, if you read her blog, I think you'll get to know someone who inspires other bloggers (like myself).

(Disclaimer: Megan is having a contest right now for an Advanced Readers Copy of Perfect Fifths which involves linking to her on your blog. A nice promotional idea and a good way for me to get a free copy considering my access to advanced readers copies suddenly dried up last week when my company sank like a rock!! I would have "sang the praises anyway", so this is a 100% honest endorsement.)