A music video for Wednesday..

Tired, tired, tired. A long day following a long day yesterday. I am finally ready for my trip and both conversions this weekend - after dealing with all of the computer problems I had this week. Maybe next week will be better? Tomorrow I'll be taking my "weekend day" and I'll try to stay away from work as much as possible. Then, at 6AM Friday, my plane leaves for Charlotte.

Let's finish off this day with one of my favorite songs. From 1977 - Al Stewart - Year of the Cat. For some odd reason this song always makes me think of a small Chinese restaurant called "House of Choy" that my mother and I would eat at when we would go visit my grandmother in east Nashville in the late 70's. Isn't it weird what you associate with songs? Well, think of egg rolls and chicken fried rice with me and enjoy it here live...