I'm finally getting back in the groove at my old job for the new owners. Last week was complete information overload. This week is a bit more relaxed and today I got my last laptop system problems resolved so tomorrow should be a productive day. I'm finally getting a little control over the pages and pages of notes. The next couple of months looks like it will be travel heavy, so I should have plenty to blog about.

We had a brief touch of 80 degree weather today. The grass is already growing and will soon need to be mowed. Tomorrow we go back to the normal 40's and 50's for highs, but it appears we made it through another winter with hardly any snow. Soon we'll be complaining about the heat and I'll be setting up the pool!

Courtesy of YouTube, here's another music flashback. Another one of my personal favorites by Patt LaBelle. You just can't stay in a gloomy mood when you turn up this one.