Tuesday tidbits

  • I was finally comfortable enough with my new employment situation to spend some money this week. Among the items purchased were tires for our 2004 Saturn. I put off this purchase 3 times in the last 4 months while waiting to see what would happen at work. Well, what I thought would happen did happen. But, cars need tires and I am currently back at work. I even got a new email address, so I am guessing they are going to keep me for a little while if they are putting forth that kind of effort. Anyhoo, the tires make it drive like a new car. I hated that car before tonight and now it is like a different car. The tires that were on it were Michelins - they never felt "right" since they were brand new. I'm amazed at what a difference these tires make and I take back most of the nasty things I have said about Saturn.
  • Another newspaper is about to bite the dust. Hearst is close to closing the Seattle P-I. Another legacy gone. Is it poor management or are newspapers really doomed? I think it's a pinch of both reasons. Newspapers as we know them are doomed. But, they can adapt. Let's just hope it is not too late.
  • Speaking of newspapers, here is a link to a fantastic Chicago Magazine article highlighting some of the love letters written by Mike Royko. I read several of his books of columns when I had the notion of going into journalism and I was always impressed by him. The letters in this article give us a fascinating glimpse of the whole man.
  • Here comes a huge line of storms. 80 degrees in March normally ends in tornadoes and chaos around here. I'm keeping my fingers crossed but, since luck is never enough, my alarm weather radio is right here on the bedside table. Good night!