Weird dream

Disclaimer: I did not eat pizza last night nor any other spicy food.
Random snippets of my weird dream that I want to share before I forget them:
  • I was at the premiere of the "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon"
  • I was waiting in a long line that was exactly like the line at Pirates of the Carribean in Disney World. We were going down into this long cave like hallway.
  • When I made it in, there were multiple stages and people were sitting all over. Everything looked like a high school art class had created it.
  • When the show started, the little stage I sat at was actually where the opening act was. The partition came up and Jimmy Fallon was sitting there eating from a bowl of chili to start the show. Charles Barkley was the first guest. He referred to this stage as the "Sports Stage".
  • Jimmy Fallon showed us another stage that was the "Guitar Hero" stage - where musical guests come on and play songs.
  • Some random audience member got up in the middle of the interview and started fixing a bowl of chili.
  • Jimmy stopped and showed a cartoon on this big projection wall that was in a room that looked like a Chuck E Cheese. There were several people I work with in the cartoon in Disney-like cartoon versions.
  • I left the studio and helped Jim from "The Office" board up windows for an approaching hurricane. He had dollar bills sticking out of his shirt pocket.
  • I woke up. It was 3AM. Dream over.
Random thoughts on this:
  • Maybe this is a manifestation of my stress at work?
  • I might need therapy.
  • I am drinking far too much coffee.
  • Jimmy Fallon gives me the creeps.