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The weather forecast for Tampa, Florida

Time to pull persona #2 out of storage and hit the road again tomorrow. 12 hours from now I will be on Southwest flight 1045 descending toward Tampa for another conversion. I've spent the last 6 weeks or so working on converting all of these locations from the system our old owners had to the system our new owners have. It's my third year of conversions. Some sites I just converted last year were converted AGAIN this year. Fun fun fun.

So, I go from being domestic dad to business traveler again tomorrow morning. The airport is so boring - sitting there alone waiting for the flight. Sitting on the plane next to a stranger who normally looks like a nut (this happens to me just about every time. I'll try to sneak a pic tomorrow and let you judge for yourself). To make it worse, I am flying Southwest. I am A4, so I am in the first 15 people on the plane. That means I get the seat that I want and someone actually chooses to sit next to me. It's somewhat like being picked for dodgeball teams except that this game is "Who looks the least weird/harmful/talkative". It's the same game I play when I pull a C boarding pass.

I'll be in my classic "boring guy" wear - polo shirt and jeans. I'm far past the point of dressing up for this kind of stuff. The polo shirt and jeans have become the uniform of the indifferent. Some outfits say "I am here to impress". Mine says "I am here to work, head back to the hotel on time, and go to sleep. Don't bother me."

It works.

So, tomorrow I will update from the Evolution room at the Hilton Garden Inn just outside of Tampa.


  1. My husband does quite a bit of business travel and we often laugh about people who think travel is exciting and glamorous :)


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