Dan Miller

To anyone reading this blog that is not in Nashville, this entry won't mean a lot. To those of us who have been here for years, Dan Miller was the local news. Dan was on Channel 4 as far back as I can remember and there was a certain comfort in that. At one time, Channel 4 was far and ahead the number one station here and one of the top rated stations anywhere in the country - they had a lot of local programming that just clicked. I met Dan Miller one time quite a while back at some community event and he was a very nice guy.

On television, his sense of humor was always a visible part of who he was. Rarely did a night go by without him laughing at something that happened. He had a great chemistry with everyone around him - especially retired weatherman Bill Hall. You knew he loved what he was doing and the people around him. It's sad to see someone like him go because he is also connected to memories of my childhood and more and more of those people are retiring (or passing on). I guess that is part of getting older!

Dan will be missed.


  1. I literally cannot remember a time when he wasn't on television.


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