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Evil eyes!

My idea on this entry was to show off the newly acquired Members Only jacket - this one actually being the correct size to fit around my girth. Then, I saw the picture. We all got the evil eyes but the sneaky dog looks downright sinister.
I do believe that Alex the Dog is somewhat crazy and maybe a tad evil. This picture proves it.

Here and there

Little to report here tonight. A fun day at work that started at 8AM and ended just a few minutes ago. Yes, I am getting heaps done. No, I'm not sure what honor or glory I'll receive for these heaps of completion.

It will be down in the 40's here tonight but I still have the air on. I head home tomorrow morning and then I head right back here on Friday to attend a wedding. The interstate is my master.

A Music Video for a Monday on the Road

Today was not bad. Getting a lot done and will be home Wednesday. For tonight's video, we have Hall & Oates - "Don't Hold Back Your Love".

Here are some facts on this one:

  • It came out in 1990 but was a #4 hit on the AC chart in 1991.
  • John Oates never changes.
  • Daryl Hall should not have gone with this haircut.
  • I graduated from high school in 1991 but I never let my hair grow long like Daryl Hall.
  • I looked more like John Oates in 1991 and still do.
  • Hall and Oates charted on the AC list as recently as 2007! Who'd have thunk it?
  • The old VH1 logo rocked. It's from the days when VH1 didn't just stink it up with reality junk.

A year ago today: Pensacola Beach

It's hard to believe that I was in Pensacola one year ago this week. It actually seems like a lifetime ago now. The changes since have been something I could never have predicted at the time. There are no return work trips to Pensacola since our building there is now gone. I keep saying I'm going to get back down there for a vacation but I'm all booked up with other happenings.

One day, I will make it back. It's the one trip I think of often - over and over.

Another Friday

I gave in and took one Benadryl but that was all it took to make the afternoon sluggish. I did get my home office clean up finished and it is a much simpler and more inviting space now. I'll post some pics of the clutter-free space later on.
I am heading to Atlanta on Monday for work. I am NOT looking forward to that since I will be going through equipment and moving stuff for three days. I head home Wednesday and then back to Atlanta on Friday for a wedding. 20 hours of driving in one week - I'll have to not take Benadryl eventhough I have my Tylenol PM ready so I can actually sleep in the hotel room during this trip. I have this nasty habit of laying there awake until 1 or 2AM on the first night and then being tired beyond belief for the rest of the trip.
Changes, changes, and more changes at work. I'm hoping to ride the wave and not get drowned in the surf. Other than that, I am hoping we can hide out most of the weekend (out of the rain) and just catch up on some TV!

My NBC Thursday Night Comedy Reviews (I'm watching too much tv)

It's week 2 of the new season of NBC's Thursday night comedies. Two weeks is all I need to fire up the blog and give away some of my worthless opinions.

7:00 Central- SNL in Primetime (or "Weekend Update Primetime" or "Lorne Michaels Has Taken Over NBC") - I don't really know what to call it. I'm patiently waiting for 30 Rock to come back. This 30 minute 'SNL Lite' is OK. There are weird, awkward pauses at times that make me think the timing is a bit off. Maybe there is a satellite delay. The little tribute to Guiding Light with Megan Fox was perfectly overacted and quite funny. And, Darrell Hammond as Bill Clinton - always a winner.

7:30 - Parks and Recreation - I didn't really get into this show last year but it's become my favorite show on Thursday night. Yes - I'm surprised to say that since I really thought I'd be all over Community instead (more on that in a bit). P&R is a great ensemble comedy and reminds you of The Office (of course, since it is the same people) but it does not have any of the restrictions or cringes of The Office (more on that in a bit too).
Parks and Recreation - absolutely my favorite show of 2009 so far. No, it is not new, but I just discovered it.

8:00 - The Office - I really got annoyed with The Office last year. One word - cringe. Last week was not as bad but tonight I had to flip the channel for a bit. They really have made Michael Scott so far over the top that he is annoying. They really need to tone him down and let him grow some. The way they had him throw Jim under the bus tonight - it was too much of a reminder of actual work. Hello - NBC - I am watching TV as an escape, not a reminder!! However - The Dwight and Toby surveillance mission - purely awesome.

8:30 - Community - Well, I'm still a bit confused on this one. I really drifted tonight. I enjoyed the pilot and tonight had some funny parts but overall I'm not sure I can commit. If The Office gets too annoying, it won't be hard for me to turn off my TV at 8PM.

9:00 - The Jay Leno Show - I'm watching now. Rush Limbaugh is on. Rush is always entertaining. Jay is always entertaining. I won't watch every night since I get up way too early to stay up until 10PM every night. But, what I have seen, I like.

So, here are some other snippets from Fall TV 2009:
How I Met Your Mother - Watched the premiere and I'm almost done with it.
Accidentally On Purpose - turned it off!
Two and a Half Men - forgot to turn the TV back on. Heard the premiere was excellent and a real turn around from last year. I will try it next week.
Big Bang Theory - The premiere was kind of off, I felt. It was still the best show of the night.
Glee - I liked the pilot sneak peek last May and I am still enjoying it. This show is a winner.
Flipping Out - I'm two weeks behind but I will catch up this weekend. Still love this show.
Grey's Anatomy - stopped watching two years ago and don't miss it a bit.

That's it. I haven't watched anything else yet!

Neglecting the blog while cruising around town in my new jacket

OK - so I haven't been cruising around town but actually had quite the nasty cold over the weekend and then got buried at work so bad that I just recovered today. So, to jump start the blog back going...
Here is the new (pre-owned) Members Only jacket.
See..I'm still cool. I dress like Zac Efron.
OK - maybe cool is not the word. I think I need a 46 instead of a 44! I blame the donuts.

I'm a member - again

The kids had the crazy and unfortunate idea to dress up "80's" for Halloween this year. It works out well for me - I knew that it would take only one cheap piece of clothing to make my costume. Tonight, at the Goodwill, I found it. A blue Members Only jacket. Yes - I am a member again. I haven't had one of these since the sixth grade. My dad never stopped wearing his. Instead of being embarrassed by that, I will now embrace it. It is being washed right now so it will be a day or two before I have pictures. Until then, enjoy this video:

A song for a rainy Saturday

The cloudy and dreary weather has gone on for almost a week now and I am not only wanting to see the sun but also wanting to see some fall weather. This upper 70's with 100% humidity is a little too early May for me. I am ready for some late September football weather.

So, here is the song I have not been able to get out of my head all morning:


Because 3 inches yesterday was not enough.

Monday, Monday

Some rambling tidbits for a suprisingly dry Monday -
  • Thanks to our local government, I got to vote to take an extra $50 out of my pocket every year to go toward building a new high school so my kids don't have to go to a 50-year old dump. We don't get taxed enough and since our county officials couldn't hash out a budget we get another bill passed on to us. So, nevermind that one of the fastest growing retail areas in the state is right here in our county. You can never have enough greed - uh, I mean, money.
  • I finally gave up and started taking down our above-ground pool yesterday. We have not been in there since the first week of August since it has been too cold to get in for most every day over the last month. I am scared to think about what this winter will bring.
  • Kanye, Kanye, Kanye. Idiot, idiot, idiot.
  • Looking forward to some Jay Leno tonight. I can't say I stay up past 9 much since I have to be at work so early every morning but I am looking forward to something being on every night that does not involve watching an autopsy or being in an emergency room or a courtroom. It will be nice to have something funny on because we get enough drama every day in real life.
  • My incredibly productive streak at work continued today. I am starting to get nervous wondering what will derail it all.

That's it for tonight. Back to the office tomorrow and I am guessing the rain will finally come in. The drive in will most likely be a real hoot!

On my 36th birthday


Was it for this I uttered prayers,
And sobbed and cursed and kicked the stairs,
That now, domestic as a plate,
I should retire at half-past eight?

-- Edna St. Vincent Millay

Work is fun!

In honor of my entrance in to middle age tomorrow, I decided to post a video showing what life is like at my office. Bear in mind that I am one of the last four people in a building that once had over 200 people in it. So, I now do fun stuff like taking out trash and replacing light bulbs in addition to my normal duties. Gasp with excitement and hold in your gag reflex during the sneezing - it's time for "Work is Fun!":

Video Countdown to the Holiday Weekend #1

Why just videos this week? Because I've been too tired to write anything even remotely creative. Work is busy, busy, busy and I've doubted at times that my sanity would last until the four day weekend. I took tomorrow off and will take 4 more days over the next couple of months. I've just decided I need to take a break or I'll burn out completely.

So, I am also taking the 4-day weekend off of the blog. We're just going to goof around here and around for the next 4 days and try to avoid anything at all related to work or actual thinking.

Since I've been on a Psychedelic Furs kick lately, I'll leave you with this video - it's not the real actual video but another one of those wonderful lip-synced pre-TRL kind of shows from the '80's. From 1987 - Heartbreak Beat -

Video Countdown to the Holiday Weekend - #2

I've always been a fan of The Outfield and I still have my cassette single of "Voices of Babylon" that I bought in 1989. They're better know for 1986's "Your Love" (which Katy Perry pretty much destroyed in her horrifying cover) but they continued to produce good music. Supposedly they are still touring today.

Video Countdown to the Holiday Weekend - #3

We dig in to the dusty bin of movie soundtracks and take it back to 1987 tonight. "The Secret of My Success" was an OK movie - decently funny but not a classic. Amazingly, it hauled in $66 million dollars at the box office (Calculating inflation would make that $123 million 2009 dollars!!!) and it was the 7th most popular film of the year! Who would have thought it?

Only reaching #64 on the charts was Night Ranger singing the theme from the movie. I have the 45 and it is really catchy and stands out nicely against all the crap that was on the radio in '87. (Walk Like an Egyptian? Puke.)

The video is just plain cheap. The mullets are fantastic. The guy in the red sweatshirt reminds me of the police sketches of the Unabomber. The song deserves a play even if most of the lyrics make as little sense as the video (I never say maybe and I go for it all - just like the sound of electric guitars. Huh?)

And, if you forgot the movie, here is the trailer...