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Monday Driver

Today, I drove about 320 miles round-trip to Jackson, TN. I did some boring technical stuff (aka my job). There is always a fear that you will drive 160 miles from home and have things not work. Today everything worked fine. It was a good day.
I saw a truck hauling a terribly ugly couch.
On the way back, I stopped at my favorite place – the Dairy Queen.
It was there that I bought some food that is guaranteed to help me maintain my flippity-flabby middle age physique.

That was Saturday

The weekends around here fly by. The errands, the Walmart, the errands…no time to rest, no time to be lazy. I’m beginning to think the weekends are busier than the weekdays. We’re (meaning the people who live in my house and many people I know) are getting sucked in to this idea that every thing that can’t be fit into the week must get stuffed into Saturday. Last week I was sick on Saturday and all alone here and I did close to nothing. In fact, I can’t remember accomplishing one thing. I need more Saturdays like that, minus the being sick.

Frankly, I was just too busy to come home and sit in the dark for an hour tonight.


My great-grandmother lived with us on and off when I was growing up and she drilled in to my head that electricity is not free and lights and other stuff should not be left on when no one is using them. She didn’t need a special day to recognize this. Of course, she was thinking about the wallet more than the environment but let me assure you – I don’t leave lights burning “willy nilly” nor TV’s on or anything else when it is not being used and I have drilled that rule into my kids also. I do this partially out of fear that she will come back and haunt me if I don’t (as I believe she promised me she might) and partially out of fear that all the cheap Chinese crap we buy here in the USA these days might burst into flames at any unattended moment.

I do need to get better about unplugging cell phone adapters that are not being used. If I see Al Gore coming up the sidewalk to do an “Earth audit”, I’ll run around and unplug all of those before I allow him in.

All good things…

…must come to an end. Right over seven months from when we ended our local operation, today I went in for the last time to take down the network equipment. That was the final step. Next week, I’ll send it to another building to be installed. I moved out in December and an incredible amount of work has been done since I left.
It’s amazing that so many people worked here at one time and now it is completely empty and ready for the next business. Or, ready to sit for who knows how long waiting for that next business. The economic bounce-back just hasn’t happened and I’m betting the majority of warehouses in our area look just like this.
It’s a shame there are so many support beams. This place would be excellent for roller derby. But, that’s it. My last drive out there is done. The Chik-Fil-A is going to notice a definite drop in business this year without me driving through town.


I can’t think of a catchy title for a dreary and dull day like this.


We’re getting ready for some rumbling tonight thanks to Ma Nature. This will be our first gusty storm front of the spring and I’m as ready as I can get. I already got the roof leak that materialized during the downpour last Sunday fixed. I checked the buckets of concrete I have as anchors inside of my shed. I bought more bags of top soil to put on the legs of the trampoline so it doesn’t turn into a flying saucer.

These are just regular parts of life here in the new Tornado Alley (Read “Tennessee – Deadliest State for Tornadoes since 2000”). It seems like we rarely have a regular thunderstorm without at least hail and 60 mile an hour winds anymore. Maybe we don’t have more tornadoes than the plains, but we do have a lot less open space. Chances are every twister that touches down here is going to hit a house or a trailer or a Walmart or a Walgreens or a Waffle House.

Yes, we Tennesseans do have the tendency to stand outside and point up at the funnel saying “Lookee there!”. We’re working on that.


Maybe the ‘ol brain is still recovering from being sick. Maybe it is the medication. Maybe it is too much TV. Maybe a combination of all of the above will explain how these guys ended up in a dream I had that seemed way too real when I woke up out of it at 4AM this morning:


I really need to stop eating pizza, then watching “Chuck”, and then going to bed. I did watch “The Big Bang Theory” right before I went to bed but I had no dreams with Sheldon or Leonard in them. Very weird.

“Chuck” is awesome but I would prefer to have normal and calm dreams about nothing exciting tonight. Sure, it’s cool to be hanging out with Chuck and Morgan but waking up thinking you’re being chased by members of The Ring is just plain creepy (and an oddly realistic metaphor for work).

Brighter Days Ahead


Rarely am I glad to see a weekend end and a new work week begin, but I was ready this time. Being sick is no fun. The crud hit Thursday. Friday was a medicated blur and Saturday wasn’t much better. Sunday I felt better but still over-did it. Today was much better. I’m not 100% yet but I’m getting there.

It’s amazing how hard it is to come back from being sick as you get older. It’s been years since I felt this “yuk” and I believe the last time even involved a trip to the ER. Who would think a little strep and a sinus infection could knock you for a loop? I’m thinking being older and out of shape contributed to this lost weekend.

It did help that I was here all alone again this weekend as the rest of the family went to Ohio on a trip. There was plenty of time for much needed rest and quiet.

But, in addition to being sick, it was one of those dreary and cloudy weekends filled with news that made me reflect. I received sad news of the passing of a former classmate and I spent a part of my Sunday at the funeral home visitation of a good man taken from his family far too soon. Yet, I also learned of another old friend about to be blessed with another addition to her beautiful family. Life indeed goes on and on.

It’s weekends like this that we all have to have once in a while. It puts things in perspective and makes you realize just how lucky you are to be bundled up in your Snuggie in front of the TV, eating your yogurt and taking your horse pill antibiotic and realizing that a brighter day is just around the corner.



The doctor recommended I eat one cup of yogurt when taking my 875 mg amoxicillin pill twice a day. That means 20 cups of yogurt in ten days. I am more concerned about the side effects of the yogurt than I am the side effects from the pills.

Today was slightly better. The Kleenex company is going to make a killing off of me if I don’t stop sneezing soon.

Oh, and winter…please go away. I woke up in the middle of the night and fired up the heat. I can’t remember this (I guess I was in an antibiotic-yogurt-motrin coma) but I do remember letting the dog out at 5:30AM and being stunned by the 33 degree air outside. Also, I heard the word “snow” on the weather tonight. This chance of snow is coming for Monday night. Sure, it won’t accumulate. But, this needs to stop. I’ll gladly mow the lawn if the cold air will just depart for a few months.

The plague got me

I avoided getting sick until now. It finally got me. All of the Lysol in the world can’t stop the strep. So, I am on the antibiotics for 10 days. Saturday I have to burn my toothbrush and then I can rejoin the ranks of the non-contagious.

I guess I haven’t felt “right” in a couple of days but I really thought I was just wore out from dealing with everyone else being sick. Oh, well.

I am alone also (aside from the dog). The fam left town again and won’t be back until Sunday. That gives me plenty of time to lay around and recuperate. I also bought fish sticks and microwave pizzas. I’m ready to do some serious nothing.

Tuesday's Funny Clip

I need a laugh right now. 4 people live in this house and 3 of them have tested positive for strep in the last 3 days. And, they have also all gotten their piece of a stomach virus that is going around. Last night was the worst of that (so far) but I won't go into details. The good news is that everyone appears to be getting better now but I have said that before.

So far, I've been a little sore and tired but so far, so good. I guess I need to keep up my strength since I am the nurse extraordinaire. 

To lighten the mood, here is a clip from 2007 - Jim Carrey doing his Horatio Caine impression on Letterman. I have never seen more than the first five minutes of a CSI: Miami. But, I watch those first five minutes regularly because of the cheesy one-liner typically delivered by David Caruso. If you can avert your eyes from the accompanying grisly crime scene, the punch line is often worth it.

The Weekend That Was

It’s strange but I am feeling my typical Sunday night pre-Monday morning anxiety even though I am off tomorrow. Hmmmm. Maybe my tension is telling me something.

I am off tomorrow and hopefully it will be a day without illness. All of my weekend plans pretty much got thrown out due to all of the fun we had with doctors and upchucking and sore throats. Today was much better but I think we’re all just exhausted now.

I have no idea what to do tomorrow. I know we can’t sit around here all day. I’ll go nuts.

Let’s Quarantine This Dump

The only thing more fun that one sick kid is TWO sick kids. Luckily, I get to have that kind of fun since kid #2 is now sick also. I’m so glad I took a vacation day. Every time I take a vacation day something lousy seems to happen. So you have plenty of warning, my full week of vacation starts April 5th. Go ahead and add the apocalypse to your calendar now.

So, what else to share while I am sitting up on sick patrol at 1:49AM?

Brown Sugar Cinnamon Ritz


I hit such a home run with my recent purchase of Chocolate Cheerios but the verdict is still out on this new flavor of Ritz. When I bite into a Ritz, my brain expects salt. When it gets sugar instead, my brain is severely disappointed. It’s just too much like eating a cookie. It sort of reminds me of those Christmas cookies you get in tins so not only am I disappointed when I don’t taste salt but I am also disappointed when I remember that it is not December and I am not about to get a present.

Last Call with Carson Daly


If you care about music or popular culture at all, you should be setting the TiVo to grab Last Call with Carson Daly. Yes, Letterman kind of turned the show into a punch line during the Conan mess by repeatedly mentioning that no one knows it is even on but Carson Daly said all that did was give him free publicity that he is grateful for.

What you are missing is the best produced and often most fascinating 30 minutes on TV. He goes to the person or band he is profiling. You see all of the cool places you’ll never be cool enough to go to. You’ll see all the cool people you’re not cool enough to meet. You’ll hear exclusive live performances that you’re not cool enough to find out about.

So, while you might be coating the house in Lysol or unstopping toilets in your own real life, you can at least get a 30 minute escape into the world you might be a part of if you had stopped wearing Members Only jackets at an earlier age and had said “forget this music degree” and defected to the west coast in 1991. You just never know.

Solo Wednesday

I’m leaving it to the dog to sum up how I feel after another day of work and then double-work finishing up the attic and taking a load of stuff to the thrift store.



Solo Tuesday

I am riding solo. Everyone is out of town except for me. Typically I am the one out of town so this is quite a switch.

Being alone here at the house is so incredibly rare that I don’t really know what to do with myself. I end up turning into a weird hybrid of “home me” (because there is a lot of stuff I can clean up without the kids running right through the middle of it) and “travel me” (because I have no plans that make it necessary for me to sit here alone all of the time and I have no real desire to cook).

Here is a rundown of some of the stuff I did tonight:

  • Pulled stuff down from the attic to take to the thrift store tomorrow
  • Finally hooked up the $29 Durabrand Home Theatre system that has been sitting in a box in the attic since October 2008 (It sounds amazingly good but I still have a fear that it will short out and burn down the house. Thanks, China!)
  • Cleaned up the wire monster behind the TV that has been steadily growing for 5 years. I even zip tied stuff which means that something will soon go out and I will have to cut the zip ties.
  • Drove 30 miles to roam around Barnes and Noble and eat at Pei Wei Asian Diner
  • Clipped coupons
  • Started the dishwasher
  • Watched 4 episodes of The Office on TBS
  • Moved all of the dumb pictures I take from my Blackberry to the laptop so I have more room to take more dumb pictures on my Blackberry

The excitement will continue tomorrow and Thursday as I attempt to cook things and finish up the attic of doom.

Spring finally shows up

I just hope it stays.


This year, I’m going to be smart enough to embrace the weather and drag out the grill at any opportunity. Last year, the grill saw little use due to it being either rainy or cold pretty much all summer.


We had hamburgers tonight. You’d think they were marinated in gasoline but that was just the grease pouring off of them. 85/15 my foot.

A good time was had by all – except for Alex the Dog who appears to be saying “Hey! No pictures!”



9 lives

Just in the middle of a few days away from the blog to recharge the brain. And, sleepiness is beating out creativity this week.

I’ll be back in a couple of days or when I have a coherent thought – which ever happens first.

1 Year of Jimmy Fallon

Has it really been a year since Jimmy Fallon took control of Late Night? Who would have thought that here we would be and he would be the longest running late night host on NBC and Conan would be out on the beach with only a Twitter account and $40 million dollars?

Here is the 1 year show from Monday night. Even with the weird skits from time to time (like the uber-annoying "Wheel of Carpet Samples"), Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is the most original show in late night. So, when you are getting tired of Jaywalking and Top Ten lists, set the DVR and give Jimmy a try and chances are you'll end up either laughing so loud you wake up the house or you'll be completely dumbfounded and will swear off tv forever. Consider either a win.