Flying is evil

My flight to Detroit was delayed this afternoon because the plane got struck by lightning on the way in from Orlando. They told us that they had to repair a small hole in the wing before we could be cleared for takeoff. I wondered if they used duct tape or if a baggage handler just ended up using his chewing gum. I got to sit around at the gate for an extra hour while they made the mystery repair.


Over many years of travel and many flights, I’ve been delayed, cancelled, had luggage lost, had luggage soaked, had legs broken off luggage, etc. I always tell myself that I should drive but I really didn’t want the 8 hours of driving today. I would have arrived in Michigan an hour earlier if I had driven but the good thing was not having to stop at a myriad of welcome centers and fast food restaurants all day.

I did make it a bit later that I expected. The weather is quite nice here tonight.


But, we’re in for quite a change over the next few days.

jx wx

That’s it. I’m sitting here in the hotel room getting ready for tomorrow by ironing some clothes and watching a little TV.  Just another typical and, thankfully, unexciting day.