Indian Summer

There is something about fall that makes you want to head out to a farm to feed animals through fences and observe pumpkins in their natural habitat. Unfortunately, there is something about fall in Tennessee that typically makes this experience brutally hot. Today was no exception. The spotty frost last week has been replaced by 90 degree temperatures. The leaves and the squirrels are completely confused and I once again had to break out the shorts.

Check out this warning posted as we were about to be robbed of a significant amount of money so we could pet animals that may or may not chew your fingers off. It starts off with “There is no liability for an injury to or death of a participant in an agritourism activity conducted at this agritourism location”. Yes, agritourism appears to now be a word.


Check out the donkey from Shrek. He is retired now and he does take handouts.


I wanted to take one of these home.


Another warning sign! Farms are dangerous!


Pay $1 and you get to slingshot two small pumpkins into oblivion.


Pigs eat pumpkins. So gross.


There was a maze, of course.


This is about the time I was really feeling the 90 degrees.


I ended my day by mindlessly watching a lot of football. Vanderbilt is winning  45 to 6 right now so I better turn off the TV before something awful happens. There is a whole quarter left and I’ve watched a lot of Vanderbilt football over the years. With Vandy, it’s really not over until it’s over!