I’m trying to start a new month-long celebration where we all stop shaving our faces and save about $20 by not buying blades from Gillette.


Of course, I get too itchy when I don’t shave for just two days. Also, I don’t want to look like the Unabomber.

Speaking of Gillette, I switched to the super mega new model, the Fusion ProGuide, because I had a bunch of coupons that made it dirt cheap. Not only is it more expensive than the regular Fusion razors but the blades also seem to go dull a bit faster and I have more ingrown hairs than ever before. I’ll be going back to the regular Fusion razor after I use these up. I hate shaving. It’s like owning a car – it is such a pain. Faces and cars involve way too much maintenance.

I’m afraid to think about what lies ahead for the weekend. I know there are plenty of errands to run tomorrow. Also, the kids are off for two weeks due to fall break.

I hope we all get through fall break without nervous breakdowns.


  1. Hey Jason... consider joining over at Octobeardfest.com. Perhaps even donate the $20 you'll save on razors to our cause.



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