Picture Potpourri

I noticed all of this dumb stuff in the last few days and thought I would dump it all in one meaningless entry.

Pointless Observation #1 - I had to buy a new bottle of eyeglass cleaner this week and I noticed that it had been so long since I bought a bottle that the bottle is now completely redesigned to showcase new technology.

Here is the old bottle. Clean your binoculars, your glasses, and your 35 mm camera!

old spray

Here is the new bottle. Now you can clean a laptop screen, a digital camera, a cell phone, or a DVD. It’s amazing this modern world we live in!

new spray

Pointless Observation #2 - I got a catalog in the mail from Family Christian Stores and noticed the new and improved automatically censoring DVD player.


I’m guessing that “The Hangover” runs for only 5 minutes on this DVD player. There used to be a contraption called the TV Guardian that attempted to mute certain words using Closed Captioning. When it muted, a replacement phrase appeared on the screen. My one experience with this was playing one of the kids preschool cartoon DVD’s on there. The machine muted out the rooster saying “Cock-a-doodle-doo” and inserted the phrase “Jerk-a-doodle-doo” on the screen.

Pointless Observation #3 - Finally, a bottle of Pert appeared in the shower this week and I tried it this morning. It is the first shampoo I have ever used that smells like a hair salon. It’s amazing how smells can stir memories and this shampoo reminded me of sitting in the hair salon at the long gone Castner-Knott department store waiting for my mother to get her hair ‘did’ way back in the early 80’s. It’s an incredible blend of all of the smells of a hair salon – the cigarettes, the nail polish, the chemical treatments. I highly recommend it. It will blow your mind!


That’s it for today. I’ll leave the awe-inspiring and overly-emotional essays to the other blogs. I’ve been dealing with a headache all day and I am just beat. I’m ready for some TV tonight and then sleep!