The Chair of Glee (II)

My seven year old office chair was way overdue for a replacement. It is partially the wear and tear over being used almost every day all these years but it was mostly the flattening out of the cushion due to my food-filled rear end.

There are lots of choices in the chair department at Office Max and they all have fancy names. I sat in a bunch of chairs before finding the one with the right balance of cushion and support needed to hold me for the next seven years.

I choose the Glee II. I’m not sure what nifty improvements the Glee II has that the Glee I did not. I am sure that the manual was written in China.


I’ll admit – even with the picture, this description threw me for a minute. I started pondering if my car had enough gas and then I suddenly considered what exactly I am doing with my life. It was a total gas life moment.


Next, I tightened all of my blots.


Along with the enjoyable manual, the chair is excellent. It is quite comfortable and sure to hold up to all of the fist slamming I will do on the arms and my miniature hops in the air while yelling ”C’mon” at the computer screen.


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