Another short week

One advantage of being too busy to take vacation most of the year is having to take vacation at the end of the year before you lose it. Thanks to that I have another three day weekend.

Today was all about getting ahead to finish up the week so I don’t end up being buried on Monday.


Even better is knowing that next week is an even shorter week. I won’t have to run my Canada stuff on Thanksgiving morning even though they are working while we are not. That is a relief. This is one of the few times where our holidays don’t line up.

Speaking of holidays, after The Big Bang Theory I turned the channel to ABC just in time to see Woodstock eating one of his fellow birds. I watched the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special for years and never noticed the Woodstock’s horrible act of cannibalism until just last year!


He sure looks happy!

On my day off tomorrow, I have to take the car in for an oil change and a recall fix (!) at 7:30AM. Then, I get to fight the crowd at the stores and try to knock out a little of the Christmas list.

Finally, we cashed in my 3000 plus Coke Reward points (just think – you get only 3 points per 20 ounce bottle, 10 points for a 12 pack of cans or 20 points for an 18 pack) on all kinds of stuff and with the left over points we got 10 free mp3’s at Yes, I’m a freak and still normally buy cd’s so this was a big step for me. I’ve never bought a song from the Zune Marketplace because the point system is just annoying. I also don’t buy songs from Apple because they are evil.

The first song I got (and the only song I got since I am sure the fam will take the rest of them) was the new Kenny Chesney song. This is my favorite song on the radio right now and I had to go ahed an buy it before all of the stations stick the Christmas music back in heavy rotation.