Lazier Saturday

Lindsay got an early birthday present today. This happened because I was afraid the bike she wanted would be sold out once the insanity of Black Friday hits this week. Here she is  getting ready to take off across the Walmart.


We did much less today. I wasted way too much time goofing on the computer. The kids zoned out in front of the TV. We gave up on cooking and went to the Waffle House for supper.

I did catch up on Conan this morning and watched this odd and awkward appearance by Harrison Ford. I really don’t know if he was hopped up on something or is just a rear end. You be the judge.

Russell Brand was on the following night and was much more entertaining.

In blog news, I am experimenting with adding actual pages to the blog so I set up a “tab” for my now extra-large Zune card. Check out the music I listen to and be amazed at the unhealthy amount of 70’s music I listen to.