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I thought I was back in the early nineties when I got behind this car a few days ago.


Can you see it? Get ready to rock out in your Saturn!


(Disclaimer – Yes, I do own Pyromania – on vinyl – that I bought in 1983. Would I put a Def Leppard sticker on my car? No. I can embarrass the kids enough just by driving up to the McDonalds drive through with ‘Hysteria’ jacked up way too loud.)

At work, I cleaned up some of the wiring at the new building.


The goobs in there before us had cut all of the wires and left them hanging from the ceiling. I can’t stand that. I ended up having to redo all of the ends into this fancy-schmancy $20 patch panel I got at Home Depot. I still have more to do but I am not straightening up anything else until I am 100% confident that everything is working like it should. I have found out over the years that Orson Welles was right when he said “You should never zip tie before it’s time”.

Well, he said something close to that.

I have another short week as I am trying to use up the last bits of vacation I have before the end of the year. So, I am off Friday and that means I’ll be taking the car in for an oil change. Oh, the excitement!